Refund Policy

Cancellation, Replacement and Refund Policy


At Reel, we want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our products.

The following policy applies to any order cancellations, replacements or refunds, as applicable. We can only provide order cancellations, replacements or refunds to orders that originated on our storefront at


Cancellation by Customer

You can cancel your upcoming order at any time before the charge date - once the order has been charged and processed we will be unable to cancel the order.

We'll send you a renewal reminder email 3 days prior to your charge date so you have some time to confirm the order and double check the shipping address; any changes made to the account after the charge date will only reflect on future orders.

You can cancel your order by logging into your account and skipping it, pushing back the order date, or by contacting us.

Cancelling your subscription affects future orders only, so you will be responsible for all orders processed before the cancellation.

Any refunds offered on orders that have already shipped out will not include the shipping charge.

Cancellation by Reel

In the event a product is out of stock, has errors in pricing or of any unforeseen discrepancy, orders may not be processed and you will be notified. Reel reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason with notification of the customer, including the right to cancel any order due to perceived or confirmed misuse, abuse or manipulation of any of Reel’s cancellation, replacement and return policy or process.


Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons, we're not able to accept returns. If you're unsatisfied with our toilet paper for any reason, or if you received a damaged product, please feel free to contact us. We recommend donating any product to a local shelter or to someone in need.

We do not issue refunds on large orders, or past 30 days after an order has been marked delivered by the shipping carrier.

Initial/first orders - refunds on orders are only eligible on each product once; orders with multiple boxes placed for the same product don't qualify for a full refund (eg, if you buy 2+ boxes of toilet paper as your first order, we will only refund for 1 box). If your first order is our 48-ct toilet paper product, you will only be refunded the 24-ct product price.

Our customer support team can be reached by email at or by phone toll free at (855) 607-4481 (10am - 5pm PST Monday - Thursday, 10am - 4pm Friday).