Tree Free Toilet Paper: Why You Should Use It

Tree Free Toilet Paper: Why You Should Use It


Trees have been used for centuries for producing many goods—various types of paper, raw materials, and many other things made of wood. But trees are becoming more and more scarce, and there are so many reasons why hardwood trees are essential to the environment. 

Most toilet paper and paper towels are made from hardwood trees. The more demand for toilet paper all over the world as the population rises, the more trees are cut down. 

Trees have been used for centuries for producing many goods—various types of paper, raw materials, and many other things made of wood. But trees are becoming more and more scarce, and there are so many reasons why hardwood trees are essential to the environment. 

Most toilet paper and paper towels are made from hardwood trees. The more demand for toilet paper all over the world as the population rises, the more trees are cut down. 

But is there another way? Is it possible to ethically source materials for toilet paper while still maintaining the comfort that it provides? The answer is yes. 

Tree Free Toilet Paper: Why You Should Use It

Toilet Paper From Trees

One of the most alarming statistics out there is that 27,000 trees are flushed or sent to a landfill every day. This means that toilet paper is inadvertently causing deforestation. Trees are needed for oxygen production and are the source or shelter for many animals. 

The way that toilet paper is normally made is an extremely wasteful process. It takes a lot of trees and a lot of water to clean the pulp from the trees to create toilet paper. Most companies use a variety of chemicals to make the pulp white and help it feel softer. 

Americans use about three rolls of toilet paper every week. This has a significant impact on the environment and climate change. A lot of big toilet paper companies use trees for toilet paper that come from ancient forests. 

Deforestation also causes soil erosion and flooding. This is because trees help the Earth retain water and supply it to the soil surrounding the trunk. Without the trees, the soil washes away more easily and makes the soil dry and infertile. This is particularly problematic for farmers because it makes the land near-impossible to grow anything on. 

Not only that, but many indigenous communities rely on the forest to survive. With the growing problem of deforestation, the entire livelihood of these peoples is threatened. In terms of effects on biodiversity, 70% of land animals live in forests. Deforestation means that they have nowhere to live and are vulnerable to the elements. 

The fewer trees there are, the more carbon dioxide is left in the air. Trees are known for absorbing carbon dioxide and, in turn, providing oxygen. Without trees, the Earth would essentially be uninhabitable. 

Most toilet paper is made of paper pulp, which is also known as virgin fiber. This is destructive to the environment because the process for manufacturing uses energy-intensive processes. 

Reducing Waste For Environment

Reducing waste for the environment is important for many reasons, the first of which is the financial and social impact of waste. Reducing your waste can help create more jobs for people who create recycled goods. It can also have a positive impact on your own finances. Spending less on single-use items, even if you have to spend a little more on reusable items, allows more money to stay in your wallet in the long run. 

The landfills where your waste ends up are a huge problem for the planet and take up huge amounts of space, besides being a major source of water and air pollution. So much toilet paper and paper towels end up in landfills, contributing further to the problem. 

Dangerous manufacturing processes, like those that are used to produce single-use plastics,  can emit greenhouse gases, which harm the environment as well. If we can reduce our waste and recycle more, we can create a safer future for our children. 

The Earth has limited natural resources, and if we destroy it entirely, we will have nothing left to use for survival. We’re sure that you’ve heard this before, but we only have one Earth. If we don’t take care of it and preserve things like forests, there is no plan B.

Why Bamboo Is Better

One of the best alternatives to traditional toilet paper is bamboo toilet paper. The process of creating it is not only more ethical but also environmentally-friendly in that it does not involve chemicals. 

Bamboo is grown naturally in China and can grow back without having to be replanted. It is considered one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth.  It can even grow up to 3 feet in just 24 hours, making this resource particularly renewable.

The process for manufacturing bamboo toilet paper requires 30% less water than hardwood trees. It also provides 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees, which is great for the environment. 

The bamboo is turned into chips in factories, which are then boiled. The chips are dried out and pressed into solid plates. These plates are turned into huge rolls, which are cut into normal size rolls of toilet paper eventually. Finally, the rolls are shipped directly to you!

Beyond the environmental benefits, bamboo is a much softer toilet paper alternative than many other products available on the market. It is designed for strength and even has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel. 

Saving The World One Roll At A Time

The toilet paper at Reel is biodegradable and doesn’t contain any inks or dyes. It’s made of 100% bamboo, and it can be delivered right to your door!

Our mission at Reel is to help eliminate the risk of illness from a lack of access to toilets. We want to promote earth-friendly paper products that make going to the bathroom comfortable for everyone. We help provide access to clean toilets to those without. 

When you join us at Reel, you help support this mission and help make the world a little better. Even our packaging is plastic-free, so there is no guilt involved when you order from us. 

Buying bamboo toilet paper can help reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce waste from ending up in landfills. We have helped save over 100,000 trees by providing people with a safe and viable alternative. 

Our toilet paper is made in China, which provides the best opportunity to make a difference in the world. We make sure that our partners in China follow the best ethical practices as far as manufacturing and sourcing the materials.  

The packaging we use for the toilet paper is not only 100% recyclable; it is also a way to ensure the paper is sanitary during its transportation to your door. 

A box of our toilet paper costs $32.99 for a subscription and $34.99 + shipping for one-time purchases. Every box comes with 24 rolls, and each roll is three-ply. This means you get extra strength and softness with each one. You can also opt for a box of our bulk toilet paper and enjoy even more savings.

Using one or two-ply paper can often lead to more waste because it takes more paper to do the job. One-ply can easily tear, which makes it more difficult to use. We also provide free shipping for our products, so you never pay to have the paper at your door. 

Other Ways To Reduce Waste

If you are looking for other ways to make a difference for the planet, here are a few tips!

  • Try composting. You can use fruit, eggshells, coffee grounds, and more to create a compost area in your own backyard. This is good for the Earth and can help your garden grow. 

  • Use a reusable bottle for water and other drinks. This can save you time and money and help reduce the number of plastic bottles that pollute our environment. 

  • Use reusable grocery bags at the store. Some stores even give you a five-cent refund for using your own bags. Single-use plastic bags are another huge concern for the planet. A lot of states in America are outlawing the use of plastic bags in stores. 

  • Switch to online receipts and bills. Printing paper for everything is a huge waste, and many companies give you the option to switch to paperless receipts. You can usually go on their website and opt-out of their actual mailings. 

  • Avoid using plastic silverware or straws when you go out. You can keep a travel set in your purse so that you’re always ready to eat. 

  • Fast fashion is as terrible for the environment as hardwood toilet paper. These items are made unethically, and the companies that make the clothing rarely pay their workers fairly. You can help by buying items secondhand and supporting local businesses. This is good for the economy and the environment. 

In Summary

Bamboo toilet paper is not just a trend for eco warriors. It is an extremely useful alternative to the destruction of millions of trees. You don’t have to give up any of the comforts of hardwood tree toilet paper when you switch to bamboo toilet paper.

The 3-ply softness ensures that you will enjoy it every time you use it. You never have to worry about harming the environment with Reel paper. Our creative packaging involves 0% plastic components, and it’s even compostable.  

Consider switching to bamboo toilet paper and paper towels today. With Reel, you’ll never run out of paper, and you won’t regret the switch. 



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