10 Bulk Toilet Paper Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Organized

10 Bulk Toilet Paper Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Organized


Now that you've bought toilet paper in bulk, where's the best way to store it? Here are 10 ideas to store bulk toilet paper for any sized bathroom.

Ever since Joseph C. Gayetty invented the world’s first packaged toilet paper in 1857, the commodity has been the favored method for cleaning up after bathroom breaks for the majority of people who use indoor plumbing.1 It’s so standard that you probably don’t give it a second thought until you’re stranded in the loo with one or two wispy ply half-stuck to a cardboard tube.

This is slightly ironic given that the average American uses about 141 rolls of toilet paper every year,2 while the average four-person household uses a mind-melting 564 rolls annually. Is it any wonder, then, that savvy shoppers invest in bulk supplies of toilet paper?

Purchasing toilet paper in bulk can be beneficial, but it also necessitates bulk toilet paper storage ideas that keep the vital commodity nearby yet out of the way. Fortunately, bulk storage solutions are neither hard to come by, especially expensive, nor difficult to implement—and we’re here to prove it to you.

What to Consider Before Buying in Bulk

Wondering why is buying in bulk cheaper? Given the rate at which we use toilet paper, buying in bulk is often a smart tactic. Doing so can help you save money, time, and stress—especially since the toilet paper roll, when stored in a clean, dry location, can last for decades.3

Still, one of the steps you need to take before buying in bulk is determining the best toilet paper storage ideas. But this can stump even the cleverest home organizers, but it doesn’t have to leave you scratching your head. But before we reveal our 10 favorite bulk toilet paper storage ideas, let us clue you in on a few steps you should take before stocking up:

  • Survey your space – Even if you think there isn’t a single square inch of storage space left in your home, there’s a good chance that you can still find room for your bulk supply of TP. Discovering it could be as easy as taking a long hard look at your current storage areas. With a little ingenuity and the tips outlined below, you could uncover enough free space to accommodate your bulk haul.
  • Get creative –If your closets and cabinets look crowded, you might need to think outside the box (or should we say, off the roll?) to make room for extra toilet paper. Look past the usual suspects for unexpected locations, or consider condensing or migrating the items that are taking up space to other areas of your home.
  • Use containers –Storing your back-up TP supplies inside other containers can help optimize your storage set-up. Baskets, bins, and plastic tubs are all popular options you can explore depending on your needs.
  • Once you’ve assessed your storage areas, gauged the available space, and, if necessary, implemented solutions to free up extra room, it’s time to let the bulk buying begin. Here are nine expert hacks for storing your bulk toilet paper.

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    #1 Commandeer Your Linen Closet

    Linen closets are a fairly obvious place to store bulk toilet paper as they’re typically bathroom-adjacent. This helps to simplify matters when it’s time to restock the john. In fact, you may already have a few extra rolls tucked in with your bath towels and bedding.

    If you can guarantee that your closet is free of moisture and dirt, you may be able to squirrel your arsenal away in the manufacturer’s packaging. However, freeing it from its original box or wrapping may unlock more options for fitting your extra roll on shelves and in nooks and crannies.

    #2 Consign Your Cupboards and Cabinets

    If there’s room under your bathroom sink or in overhead cupboards and cabinets, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having your backstock in the room where it will eventually be used. Stand-alone and off-the-ground cabinets may be the perfect toilet paper storage idea, especially if you’re clever in how you arrange individual rolls.

    Likewise, the area under your bathroom sink might be accommodating. Just consider using moisture-proof containers to avoid losing your TP to leaking faucets or condensation that can accumulate there.

    #3 Repurpose a Hanging Shoe Organizer

    Hanging shoe organizers with individual compartments have been optimizing the crowded closets of footwear fanatics for decades. Now, depending on the volume of your supply, they may work a similar magic for your toilet paper, especially if you’re working with limited storage space.

    Aside from keeping your extra toilet paper out of the way, using a shoe organizer ranks high among bulk toilet paper storage ideas thanks to the following benefits:

    • They take advantage of vertical space
    • They offer off-the-ground storage

    Plus, shoe organizers give you options for where in your home you store your TP. For example, shoe organizers can hang on the back of your bathroom door, or, for the rolls you won’t need right away, you can hang them deep in your bedroom closet.

    Buying toilet paper in bulk

    #4 Dedicate a Closet Exclusively to Bulk Storage

    If toilet paper is only one of many home supplies you’re buying in bulk, it may be worth devoting an entire closet to all of your bulk goods.

    If you go this route, you can keep the closet tidy and organized by assigning specific shelves to individual supplies. As a bonus, having all of your bulk supplies in one place makes it easier to keep track of your bulk stock levels.

    #5 Appropriate Your Pantry

    Kitchen pantries are the obvious home for non-perishable food items and dry goods of all kinds, from canned soup and tuna to boxed pasta and more. But they can be just as handy for your overstock toilet paper, as well.

    Consider storing your bulk toilet paper alongside the other paper goods you keep on hand, such as:

    • Paper towels
    • Disposable napkins
    • Facial tissues

    #6 Utilize the Space Under Your Bed

    If the monster and dust bunnies that reside there are amenable to a few new roommates, the space under your bed may be one of the best bulk toilet paper storage ideas you haven’t considered. For a storage location that keeps your surplus toilet paper from cluttering more visible spaces in your home, you simply won’t find much better real estate.

    The following suggestion can help you take advantage of the world under your bed:

    • Use storage containers to keep the area tidy and well-organized
    • For extra convenience, choose a bedroom that’s close to the bathroom
    • Combine this option with another example from this list

    #7 Keep Back-Ups in the Basement

    Basements are another household space that lends itself nicely to a plethora of uses, from family movie nights to kid-centric rec rooms. But they’re also quite frequently full of desirable cabinets, corners, crannies, and maybe even a spare room where you can find unused space for your bulk TP supply.

    However, it’s important to keep in mind that basements are often prone to conditions that could ruin your toilet paper. For that reason, it’s wise to store toilet paper inside of a waterproof container to protect it from potential hazards, such as:

    • Dampness
    • Flooding

    You can also opt for individually wrapped rolls for extra moisture protection.

    #8 Add Extras to Your Attic

    In some homes, there’s another potential bulk toilet paper storage area directly due north of your basement: the attic.

    A good number of people who have attics already capitalize on their storage potential, so it’s worth considering grouping your backup toilet paper with everything else you’re storing overhead, like:

    • Out-of-season clothes
    • Mementos and keepsakes
    • Holiday decorations, including wrapping paper

    Just like basements, if you plan on using your attic for bulk toilet paper storage, you should use durable containers to avoid the environmental menaces that can imperil your supply. Look for storage options that keep out moisture from leaky roofs and damp weather, trespassing critters like rodents, squirrels, or raccoons, and organic contaminants like dirt and dust.

    Stored toilet paper

    #9 Go for Garage

    You can make good use of your garage for bulk toilet paper storage if you have overstock that doesn’t need to be within easy reach. Just be smart about your placement.

    Because your garage is prone to elements, like precipitation and dust, that can ruin your toilet paper supply, the best bulk toilet paper storage ideas include weatherproof containers that keep those conditions at bay. That means opting for storage bins or tubs with secure closures over less-sturdy options like cardboard boxes and, if possible, storing your bulk toilet paper supply on shelves or inside the bathroom cabinet.

    #10 Use a Toilet Paper Holder or Stand

    When it comes to bathroom storage, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. That's where the classic toilet paper holder or stand comes into play, offering a practical and stylish way to keep your toilet tissue within easy reach.

    These holders come in various types, each offering unique benefits:

    • Freestanding Holders: Ideal for easy mobility and flexibility in placement. They don't require installation and can be moved as needed.
    • Wall-Mounted Holders: Great for saving floor space. These can be fixed at convenient heights and are perfect for a smaller bathroom.
    • Basket Style Holders: These add a rustic or cozy feel to your bathroom while holding multiple spare toilet rolls, reducing the need for frequent refills.
    • Vertical Stands: Excellent for storing extra toilet paper rolls in a compact vertical space, making them suitable for tight corners or small bathrooms.

    Each type of holder or stand offers a blend of functionality and design, ensuring your toilet paper is stored conveniently and stylishly.

    Bulk Up Your Supply Sustainably with Reel Paper

    Taking steps to store your bulk toilet paper supply so that it doesn’t fall victim to conditions that can ruin it doesn’t only protect your investment—it also protects the environment by cutting back on wasted paper products. But there’s more you can do to make sustainable choices when it comes to your bathroom tissue.

    Welcome to Reel Paper, where all of our bamboo toilet paper, bamboo paper towels, and other household paper products pitch plastics and trade trees for eco-friendly materials that persevere our forests and protect the planet—all without sacrificing quality.

    Although the fight against climate change needs to be a global effort, it starts with small adjustments to the individual choices each of us makes at home. And at Reel Paper, we’re making it easier for everyday people to bring the frontline to the homefront. Join us on our mission today.


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