9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Hotels in the USA

9 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Hotels in the USA


Explore nine eco-friendly and sustainable hotels in the USA that align with environmental conservation through practices like energy efficiency, water stewardship, and sustainable sourcing.

In recent years, the hospitality industry has seen a significant shift towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. This movement isn't just a trend; it's a response to the growing awareness and concern over environmental issues. As travelers become more conscious of their carbon footprint, the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable hotels in the United States has skyrocketed. In this context, Reel Paper stands out as a brand that aligns perfectly with these values, offering eco-conscious consumers products like our recycled paper towels, bamboo toilet paper, and recycled facial tissues, which are not only sustainable but also help in reducing the environmental impact of our daily habits.


1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge - New York

Nestled within the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is not only LEED Certified Gold, reflecting its high standards in energy efficiency and ecological design, but also incorporates innovative practices such as state-of-the-art energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, and occupancy-based thermostat controls. The hotel's dedication to reducing its carbon footprint extends to its roof, where 25% is dedicated to green space, featuring garden beds that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also play a crucial role in producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, effectively combating the urban heat island effect.

In its mission to support and uplift the planet, people, and culture, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge also engages in meaningful partnerships with non-profit organizations, hosting charitable events and using its platform to raise awareness for environmental causes. The hotel's design philosophy is deeply rooted in the history and values of Brooklyn, with a focus on using reclaimed materials and partnering with local artists to incorporate Brooklyn-made furnishings and local materials throughout the property.

The hotel's water management and stewardship practices further exemplifies its commitment to sustainability, featuring a special rainwater collection system that supports the park's irrigation needs and employing low-flow fixtures to minimize water usage. Through these and other thoughtful practices, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge offers guests a unique opportunity to experience luxury hospitality that coexists with a deep respect for the environment.

The Allison Inn & Spa - Oregon

The Allison Inn & Spa in Oregon embodies eco-friendly luxury, seamlessly blending high-end hospitality with a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. Key green features of the resort include the use of solar hot water systems and photovoltaic cells, which generate 7% of the resort's electricity. The resort's adherence to sustainability is further demonstrated by its avoidance of plastic bottles and the implementation of sedum green eco-roofing on the west wing, which not only insulates the building but also supports local biodiversity.

Located within the urban limits, The Allison Inn & Spa has achieved a net agricultural gain by importing more mature trees and vegetation than were displaced by construction, enhancing the local environment. Its operations also adhere to eco-friendly principles through waste and recycling management, the use of eco-friendly cleaning and laundry practices, and a locally sourced culinary program, ensuring that their environmental stewardship is comprehensive and extends to every aspect of the guest experience.

The resort also emphasizes sustainability and conservation in its community engagement, sharing its vision, approach, and rationale for sustainability with guests, staff, and the local community. This includes working with suppliers to ensure their products and services reflect the resort's ethical standards, using energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, and pioneering green initiatives like a sheet and towel saver program, in-room water filtration systems, and dedicated parking spaces for electric and hybrid cars.

Hotel Terra Jackson Hole - Wyoming

Wyoming's first LEED Silver Certified hotel, Hotel Terra Jackson Hole has made significant strides in light and energy conservation, converting to LED bulbs in most fixtures to reduce greenhouse gasses and ensuring over 90% of the hotel interiors capture natural daylight. This is complemented by Energy Star approved windows with Low E reflective coating, which keeps heat inside during winter and outside during summer, significantly reducing the energy needed for heating or cooling. Hotel Terra offsets 100% of its electric power with the purchase of alternative energy from wind, solar, and hydro sources, demonstrating a profound commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

Water conservation is another key focus at Hotel Terra, with the implementation of low-flow fixtures, dual-flush toilets, and waterless urinals in men’s public restrooms, alongside solar-powered faucets in public restrooms. The hotel also offers refillable aluminum water bottles in all rooms and suites, encouraging guests to use the lobby refill station, further emphasizing its devotion to reducing plastic and packaging waste.

The hotel itself is constructed with eco-friendly materials, including 100% recycled “Eco Shake” roof shingles made from reinforced vinyl, cellulose fiber, and recycled tires. The steel used throughout the building structure contains 80% recycled content, and fly ash, a coal burning byproduct, replaces up to 25% of the cement in the concrete, reducing landfill disposal of solid waste and the use of natural resources.

Inn by the Sea - Maine

Located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Inn by the Sea is a prime example of how luxury and environmental stewardship can coexist. The resort's eco-friendly initiatives are deeply integrated into its operations, emphasizing the preservation of the natural environment while ensuring an exceptional guest experience. The dining at Sea Glass, the resort's restaurant, celebrates Maine fare with a focus on vegan options and sustainable seafood from the Gulf of Maine, highlighting the resort's loyalty to local and underutilized resources.

The resort's dedication to wildlife and habitat preservation is also evident in its indigenous gardens, which provide food and habitat for local wildlife, including efforts to protect the endangered monarch butterfly and fund habitat restoration for the endangered New England cottontail rabbit. These gardens are not only a source of beauty but also play a crucial role in the local ecosystem. Inn by the Sea also employs non-toxic Green Seal products for cleaning, ensuring that its operations have minimal impact on the environment.

Its commitment extends to energy and water conservation practices, including the use of solar panels to heat the outdoor pool and recycled rubber floors in the cardio room. The SPA is designed with recycled sheet rock walls and recycled cork flooring, further emphasizing the resort's choice of using sustainable materials. Additionally, the resort offers complimentary EV charging stations, encouraging guests to embrace eco-friendly transportation options.

The Palms Hotel & Spa - Miami

Since 2010, The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach's "Inspired by Nature Program" has set a high standard for eco-friendly operations, aiming to minimize its environmental impact while raising awareness of local environmental issues. This is embodied by the hotel's comprehensive approach to sustainability, which includes a goal to operate without disposable plastics. The hotel has made significant strides towards this goal by implementing aluminum water bottles in guest and meeting rooms, using reusable acrylic glasses and metal cutlery at the pool, and opting for eco-friendly take-away containers at the restaurant.

The hotel uses low-flow showers and sinks, eco-friendly toilets, and a Mode Green guest room light and A/C regulating system, which together contribute to more environmentally friendly use of electricity. It's efforts extend to raising environmental awareness among guests, associates, and the wider community. This is achieved through the establishment of a Green Team to ensure best practices in sustainability are followed and through organizing quarterly beach cleanups to involve guests and the community in environmental protection efforts.

The Palms Hotel & Spa also supports local schools by purchasing books for their libraries and partners with regional charities and organizations dedicated to preserving the natural environment. Through this, The Palms Hotel & Spa not only offers a green escape in South Miami Beach but also serves as a leader in sustainable living, inspiring personal renewal, wellness, and the responsibility of protecting our planet for future generations.

The Ranch at Rock Creek - Montana

The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana demonstrates a profound bond with nature and sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices into every aspect of its operations to ensure minimal environmental impact. This is showcased through various green initiatives aimed at preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of its surroundings.

One of those key sustainability initiatives at The Ranch is the conservation of natural resources through the implementation of energy-efficient practices and the use of sustainable materials in its construction and daily operations. The Ranch also engages in significant efforts to protect local wildlife and their habitats, ensuring that the natural ecosystem thrives alongside the guest experience. This includes habitat restoration projects and support for local conservation efforts that contribute to the health and vitality of the region's flora and fauna.

The hotel's dedication to sustainability extends beyond environmental conservation to include community involvement and support for local and regional charities and organizations focused on preserving the natural environment. Through these actions, The Ranch not only offers a luxurious retreat for its guests but also serves as a steward of the land, actively contributing to the preservation and enhancement of the local ecosystem for future generations.

1 Hotel West Hollywood - West Hollywood, California

One of the most energy-efficient hotels in Los Angeles, 1 Hotel West Hollywood boasts a LEED Silver Certification and an impressive Energy Star score of 95. This distinction underscores the hotel's dedication to property-wide conservation efforts, including a smart irrigation system that ensures water is used judiciously, the cultivation of native and adaptive vegetation to enhance the local ecosystem, and the maintenance of a 100% organic garden that supports both the hotel's culinary needs and local biodiversity.

The hotel's innovative approach to sustainability extends to its use of reclaimed materials, demonstrating a commitment to reducing waste and promoting circular economy principles. For instance, 1 Hotel West Hollywood collaborated with local partners to recover 75 tons of wood from fallen trees in California, which were then repurposed into design elements throughout the hotel, including the reception desk.

1 Hotel West Hollywood's dedication is also evident in its efforts to offset carbon emissions. Guests are encouraged to explore the city emission-free with the use of fully-electric Audi e-tron house cars, and the hotel's indoor environment is kept comfortable and energy-efficient through smart zoning of air conditioning and the use of LED lighting. These green initiatives, among others, exemplify the hotel's holistic approach to sustainability, blending luxury travel with genuine environmental responsibility.

Bardessono Hotel and Spa - Yountville, California

Bardessono Hotel and Spa in Yountville, California, has taken significant strides in environmental sustainability, achieving LEED Platinum certification, the highest standard for sustainable buildings in the world. This prestigious certification reflects the hotel's dedication to an aggressive environmental strategy that minimizes the impacts of construction and design while integrating advanced environmental technologies.

The hotel's eco-friendliness is also embodied by its operational practices, including the use of organic materials, ensuring indoor air quality through non-toxic cleaning products, and implementing low water use strategies to conserve this vital resource. Bardessono's innovative heating and cooling systems, mechanical lighting, and electrical generation further reduce the hotel's carbon footprint.

The hotel also emphasizes the reuse of materials and protects the local creek side from construction impacts, demonstrating a holistic approach to environmental stewardship. This not only enhances the guest experience but also sets a benchmark for eco-friendly hospitality in Napa Valley and beyond, showcasing that luxury and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.

Sustainable Living with Reel Paper

As we explore these eco-friendly and sustainable hotels across the USA, it's clear that the hospitality industry is making significant strides towards a greener future. These establishments not only offer a sustainable lodging option for travelers but also set an example for other businesses to follow. Reel Paper, with our eco-friendly household paper products like recycled paper towels, bamboo toilet paper, and recycled facial tissue, embodies the same dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By choosing Reel Paper, hotels and consumers alike can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world, one step at a time.


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