Can Bamboo Toilet Paper Cause Irritation?

Can Bamboo Toilet Paper Cause Irritation?


Bamboo toilet paper, being hypoallergenic and made with minimal chemical treatments, does not cause the irritation often associated with traditional toilet papers made from wood pulp, which can contain harsh chemicals and cause a variety of complications.

Many people have experienced it — that unpleasant burning, itching, or general discomfort "down there" after using the bathroom. It's uncomfortable, embarrassing, and can really put a damper on your day. The culprit? More often than not, it could be the conventional toilet paper you're using. 

On top of their negative environmental impact, many toilet paper brands can contain harsh chemicals and can cause micro-abrasions that lead to irritation. But there's good news! Switching to bamboo toilet paper can help alleviate these issues and keep your most delicate areas happy.

Why Bamboo Toilet Paper Does Not Cause Irritation

As a tree-free, biodegradable, plastic-free, and elemental chlorine-free product, bamboo toilet paper avoids harsh chemicals like BPA, fragrance, inks, and dyes that can cause irritation, making it the best toilet paper for sensitive skin. The 100% bamboo fibers and lint-free design result in a hypoallergenic product that is gentle yet sturdy. With sustainable FSC-certification, you can feel good about using Reel's bamboo toilet paper, too.

Chemicals That Cause Irritation in Traditional Toilet Paper

Chlorine and chlorine derivatives are commonly used to brighten and whiten the paper. Formaldehyde shows up as a preservative. And petroleum-based waxes, dyes, and fragrance additives can also make their way into the mix. While these toxic chemicals may help achieve that pristine white look and fresh scent, they can also lead to rashes, burning, and irritation, especially in those with sensitive skin. 



Potential Health Complications of Using Traditional Toilet Paper

The issues caused by toilet tissue with harsh chemicals go beyond just surface discomfort. Prolonged use can potentially lead to more severe health complications:

  • Allergic Reactions: Many of the chemicals used, like chlorine and formaldehyde, are known allergens that can trigger reactions like swelling, redness, and rashes.¹
  • Yeast Infections: The warm, moist environment created by these irritated areas is the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections like vaginal yeast infections.²
  • Microabrasions: Poor quality toilet paper can actually cause microscopic cuts and tears that allow infections and issues like vulvar irritation to take hold more easily.³
  • Itching: Perhaps the most common issue — those unnecessary chemicals and rough paper can lead to unrelenting itching and rawness that disrupts your day.⁴

Make the Switch to Reel Bamboo Toilet Paper Today

Making the switch to more sustainable paper products doesn’t have to be complicated. At Reel Paper, we have you covered. Whether you’re wondering about paper towels vs cloth towels, or even how recycled materials are used in other hygiene products, we’re here to answer your questions and point you to the best products on the market. 

From our bamboo toilet paper to recycled facial tissues and paper towels, you can say goodbye to irritation and be gentler on your delicate areas. Soft yet strong bamboo pulp fibers keep you feeling fresh without any harsh additives. And bamboo makes some of the most sustainable toilet paper on the planet, so it’s helping keep the Earth (and your septic tank) happy, too! Isn't it time you ditched the wet wipes and treated yourself to the luxury of our line of household paper products? Your body will thank you.


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