Are Toilet Paper Rolls Recyclable?

Are Toilet Paper Rolls Recyclable?


When you think of the most used products in your home, what comes to mind? Well, toilet paper is likely at the top of that list. An essential item to have and one that is cause for concern when you run out.

For something that is used so frequently, you have to ask - are toilet paper rolls recyclable? Now when it comes to the paper - if it is unused, yes, it is recyclable. When it comes to dirty napkins or greasy pizza boxes, those are considered non-recyclable. As for the toilet paper tubes, they are recyclable as well.

There’s an endless amount of items to make with recycled paper. Green companies have found innovative ways to combat deforestation by making recycled toilet paper. So, how exactly does recycling toilet paper rolls help the environment?

How do you recycle toilet paper rolls?

Getting rid of toilet tissue is pretty easy; a simple flush and it is gone. But for the leftover toilet paper tube - how do you get rid of them? By recycling them. Depending on your local recycling bin system, you may need to separate the toilet paper tube from other recyclable products. Check out your city guidelines to learn how to recycle paper the right way at home.

As any good recycler knows - do your best to make sure that the cardboard tube is  clean and kept away from any harmful chemicals and ideally kept dry, before adding it to your recycling bin. Afterwards, how is paper recycled? It’ll go to a sorting facility where it’ll be sanitized and sent to companies who can make an impact with recycled materials.

Homemade Crafted Pencil Case Made of Toilet Paper Tubes

What is the environmental impact of recycling toilet paper rolls?

The environmental impact of recycling toilet paper rolls is significant. When you think about the amount of toilet paper that is used daily - millions of rolls - that leads to a lot of rolls that can be recycled and used to make something else.

We don’t blink an eye when we use recycled paper products for printing paper or notebooks. A similar process is used to properly sort and sanitize consumer products for your home, like recycled paper towels and toilet paper.  By using this recycled paper, you are actively saving trees from being cut down to make toilet paper. In recycling toilet paper rolls, you are giving them a second life and saving natural resources from being used to make products.

Organize cables using toilet paper roll

Is there a better option than recycling toilet paper rolls?

Another option for toilet paper rolls is to upcycle them for different needs around the home. People use toilet paper rolls as recycled material for all sorts of things, there is even a little market for buying empty toilet paper rolls online because they have so many different uses. Here are three different ways you can upcycle toilet paper rolls:

1. Plant Feeders - this is probably the most popular upcycling use for toilet paper rolls. Their small size and shape make them a perfect object to be used as little plant starters. Simply buy some soil and some seeds and get to planting. The best part is - once the plant grows and needs to be replanted, you can compost the toilet roll.

2. Bird feeders - another great option for upcycling toilet paper rolls and one that gives a very long life to the toilet paper roll. All you need to do is poke a couple of holes in the tube and run a string through it to make a little hook. After that, smear a little peanut butter on the roll and some bird feed and hang it outside. Once it is eaten through, you can cover it again or compost it.

3. Organizer - a great option if you have little ones around. There can be all sorts of pens, crayons, markers - etc. So let’s keep everything organized. Make some labels and throw them on some toilet paper rolls and use them to keep all of the odds and ends together

Real Changes, Reel Impact

It’s amazing to think that something small like recycling toilet paper rolls can make a huge difference for our environment. Whether that’s upcycling to make fun DIY projects for your home or learning how to properly recycle paper, our collective small acts will make waves for tree-free paper products

We hope you enjoyed learning a little about how you can recycle toilet paper rolls in your home! Looking for more eco-friendly ideas? Look no further than Reel Paper! Our bamboo toilet paper, recycled paper towels, and bulk toilet paper are the perfect solution for those who want to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing quality. Follow along the Reel Talk blog for some more sustainability tips like this.


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